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Dust Continuous Emission Monitoring(CEM)
Continuous Emission Monitoring systems are the highly functional and precise monitoring of flue gas for oxygen, carbon dioxide and others. These provide accurate monitoring of several gas emissions in a certain period of time.
Dust Monitor
Provided Dust Monitors are the industrial devices, useful for the monitoring of indoor air quality in many workplaces and cleanrooms. These devices can provide accurate measuring of dusts as well as particulates. Detection of several airborne particles is ensured.
Gas Analyzer
On account of their various sensor options, the Fixed Gas Analyzers are capable to provide different purity measurements. With their applicability, identification of furnace air access as well as radiant tube fissures is really very easy.

Gas Leak Detector
Detection of all harmful leakage of gases that can occur in the working surrounding is easily attainable with the provided Gas Leak Detectors. These proffer precision and utility in less time.
Ultrasonic Leak Detector
Extremely sensitive to sound, the Ultrasonic Leak Detectors are useful for several sort of leak testing. If they are properly calibrated, they can detect the leakages, just by their sound.
Flame Detector

UV IR Flame Detectors are useful for hospitals as well as other industrial premises, where the detection of UV pressure and monitoring of flame emission is needed. These flame proof detectors can be operated in the hazardous areas and make them a safe place to work in.

Gas Monitoring System
Provided high-quality Gas Monitoring System are the functional devices, useful for gas sampling and measurement of air pollutants such as CO, PM 2.5, SOx, NOx, PM 10 etc.

Gas Monitor
Gas Monitors are required for the detection of unsafe levels of gases, so as to prevent the occurrence of explosion and eliminate the chances of workers injury.
Gas Transmitters and Receivers
Gas Transmitters are proffered with speedy response as well as high sensitivity. These portable constructions can be used in both hazardous as well as non-hazardous locations. Provided products are mad from LM 6 cast aluminium and others.
Air Quality Monitors
Air Quality Monitors offered by us are acknowledged for their high precision level. These have good repeatability level. Operators can use real time data acquisition function of these monitors. Long working life is one of their main aspects.
Oxygen Analyzer For Hospitals
Offered range of Oxygen Analyzers for Hospitals is well known for its high sensitivity level, high precision and standard safety features. Designed by seasoned personnel, this array of systems can be operated at maximum 400 degree C temperature.

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